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Joe Formichella to appear at 10th annual Alabama Book Festival (Apr. 11)

Joe will take part at this years Alabama Book Festival in Montgomery, AL. His panel will take place on Saturday, April 11 in historic downtown Montgomery at Old Alabama Town. The festival will be open from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. and is free to the public. Join more than 4,000 from around Alabama as they meet in the capital ciy and hear from their favorite authors. For more information please visit:

Joe Edits Anthology, The Shoe Burnin’: Stories of Southern Soul (November 2014)

Joe spent much of 2013 editing the anthology The Shoe Burnin': Stories of Southern Soul. “Editing the Shoe Burnin’ anthology was perhaps one of the most edifying and most humbling experiences in my writing career. Think about it: I got to work with some of the finest short story writers in the south today, with writers new to the form, and with notable songwriters who’ve already mastered their form. All of it taught me more about writing than anything else ever has.” In addition to editing the book, Joe will appear in the cast of The Shoe Burnin’ Show, a scripted work combining stories and song. Stay tuned to this page for news of a show coming to a town near you.

Joe Introduces Friend and Author Judith Richards at Launch (May 2014)

Joe handled the introduction duties at the launch of longtime friend, author Judith Richards’ new book, Thelonious Rising on May 24th at Waterhole Branch. “Judith’s Thelonious, as the legendary guitarist Chris Clifton says, “captures music the way we hear it, the way we feel it.” That makes her, and Rising, the envy of every writer I know. I love it for her, and from her.”

Joe will be at Launch for All the Way to Memphis (June 2014)

Two Birds/One Party…Joe will be appearing at the launch for All the Way to Memphis, the new book of short stories by his wife, Suzanne Hudson on Saturday, June 21st at Waterhole Branch near Fairhope, Alabama. Waffle House Rules will be available for sale, as well in the cool little bookstore on the grounds of Waterhole Branch. “Who doesn’t love new work from Hudson? It’s both delicious and a little dangerous, like opening a new bottle of aged whiskey: you know you should take it in measured doses but you just can’t help yourself.”


Joe Named Editor of New Book by Kurt Meyer (March 2014)

Joe will be working as editor of a new book by Indiana author Kurt Meyer. “Kurt’s Salvage Man is an uncanny story about a damaged and self-destructive man unconsiously seeking redemption and reclamation, a man we all know, one way or another, and a movie we’ve all seen, whether we admit it or not. That’s the beauty of the book, and the task of being its editor, trying to get Kurt to cut to that bone. He will.”

Joe Debuts Latest Novel Waffle House Rules (April 2014)

Joe’s latest novel, Waffle House Rules debuted in April at his home on Waterhole Branch. ” Writing Waffle House reminded me, again, how much fun writing can be. I just love it when readers — it happened again just this week, in a doctor’s office, of all places — get the inside jokes or pick up on the little clues.”

Joe Speaks to Historic High School in Little Rock (April 2014)

“In that place where history was made — a place not always accessible — those students wanted to talk about history, and they wanted to talk about writing, both of which are endlessly interesting and endlessly mysterious.”

Joe Formichella


Joe Appears on Panel at Arkansas Literary Festival (April 2014)

Joe was on a panel of story tellers from the anthology he edited at the Arkansas Literary Festival in April. Joined by Shoe Burners Suzanne Hudson and Shari Smith, Joe spoke of the process of editing other writers and about his diverse writing career, working in nonfiction and fiction, the art of telling a story and how it applies to both. “Sitting on that stage in Little Rock, I was thinking, what did I possibly do to deserve this. I get to sit between Shari Smith and Suzanne Hudson and talk about writing. Really?”

Mobile Book Club (May 2014)

“Book clubs are our heroes. They ask hard questions, but informed questions. We spent hours over a table at Felix’s Fish Camp discussing Murder Creek, Temple, Waffle House, and Memphis, and would spend hours more, any time, any place.”

A Saint or a Sinner? (May 2014)

Joe attended the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival in New Orleans. “Saints + Sinners (May, this year, March, probably, in the future) is a festival not to be missed. It’s New Orleans, for crying out loud. But it’s home, too. We’ve attended/presented every year for 8 out of the 9 years of its existence. Come once and you’re family forever.”

Joe to Appear at Famed Bluebird Cafe in Nashville (June 2014)

“Hell, I’m just hoping I don’t faint, “performing” in that hallowed space with so much talent”. Joe and many of his fellow Shoe Burners will appear in at the legendary Bluebird Cafe on June 7th in another of the Shoe Burnin’ Shows. Lisa Carver, Suzanne Hudson, Chuck Jones, Judith Richards, and Lari White, producer of the Shoe Burnin’ CD will be on stage reading from the anthology and singing their many radio hits and other original works. Tickets are available at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee.

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